Archery Training Programs:
Youth 9-18 :

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Archery lessons for children
JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development Program) NAA
Archery lessons for Adults
Adult Training Program ; NAA
Adult 18 and over:
Beginner/ refesher archery classes; Ongoing practice sessions
Promotion and Education of Target Archery
Orientation-General Information
Basic steps of Archery

Basic equipment used in archery-diagrams

Archery Equipment & costs

What size Bow? Weight?Arrows?

Warm up exercises

Appropriate Clothing

Inclement Weather

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JOAD Handbook

Scores required for JOAD awards

Tournament prep, rules

Archery Equipment for Institutions


College Archery

Waiver & Releases

Campus Prep class at Canton Range
Recurve eqpt at Canton range
Scouts March 2011
Basic Orientation sessions
Mixed classes. All ages 10 and up, lasts about two hours.
( must pre-register via  link  provided (see KAC calendar) (See 10 Ring Archery sign up)
Follow prompts.

Want to give archery a try?

Lessons are for Olympic style recurve bow, focusing on form and safety , giving students basics that will get them safely shooting, and offer a general feel for archery. Classes review  range rules, safety gear (finger tabs, arm guards, sling, etc),  and size the bow and arrow to the archer. All equipment would be supplied.

Classes teach the National Training System. This method has been established as the method of training by  US Olympic head coach Kisik Lee. This training form is filtering down through all N.A.A. JOAD & adult programs nationwide. (JOAD =Junior Olympic Archery Development)

We work on getting the best use of  muscles and balance, combined with clear mental preparation, teaching a series of components/steps which build on one another.

Basic Orientation Class lasts about an hour and half - two hours.
All equipment provided

Continuing, ongoing instruction , accommodating various skill levels
Covering: refining form, understanding equipment needs, equipment purchasing options, tournament rules, timing, how to string a bow, string alignment, concentration, back tension.
Must have completed Archery Camp, Orientation, Beginner class, or have permission from instructor.
Arrive a few minutes early to gear up. Allow a few minutes to put away gear.

All equipment is supplied.

Cash, or Checks at check-in,