Archery Training Programs:
Youth :

Archery lessons for children ages 9-20
JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development Program) NAA
Archery lessons for Adults
Adult Training Program (18+); SOAD
Beginner/ refesher archery classes; Ongoing practice sessions
Promotion and Education of Target Archery
Archery Instructor Certification Courses

Beginner Archery Classes
Portable Archery lessons
Group Archery Classes
Coaching & Teaching
Level 1 Archery Instructor Training
Private Archery Lessons
Orientation/First Archery sessions
Open Practice Sessions

Archery Equipment for Institutions
(Schools, Recreation Depts, Camps)

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Archery  Level 1 Certification program
Level 1  Archery Instructor Certification Course is an 8-12 hour course
Instructor and Coach Certifications are recognized by both USA Archery and
the National Field Archery Association.

Ages 15 and up
No prior experience is required.
Please note, USA Archery Level 1 instructors that will have routine access to minors within a USA Archery or Club event or activity are required to obtain a Range Pass.

Conducted by Coach Jefflyne Potter
USA Archery Level 3 NTS Coach
Minimum 10 participants to hold sessions
9:00a.m. - 6:30 p.m. +/-

Level 1  Archery Instructor Fee per student:$95*
( INCLUDES:all training fees,equipment, & certification fees )
Pre-payment by check, cash, or*Credit Card/Debit card via link sent at registration.

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Courses are offered in Georgia throughout the year, with courses typically offered in February ,April, May or Juneprior to the camping season, and occasionally later in September and October, to prepare for the next season.

Archery Level 1 Basic Certification Typical Format:
9:00 a.m. - 6:30p.m. +/depending on number of participants
be sure to bring lunch, water, & snacks

New Instructional materials introduced by USA Archery fall of 2015 _______________________________________________

Level 1 Basic Archery Instructor Course:
Level 1 Basic Archery Instructor Fee per student:$95
( INCLUDES: training fee, training materials & certification fees and range fee)

This 8 to 12 hour NAA Level 1 Basic Archery Instructor class is designed for 4H, scouts, summer camps, youth organizations, JOAD, County/City ASAP (After School Archery Program) Recreation Department or other short-term program instructors and YMCA instructors.

No prior experience is required.

Certification is valid for three years; the minimum age for students
requires that youth must be 15 years old or above.
Waivers required. Youth under 18 must have parents sign waivers,

You'll learn how to set up and operate a safe short-term archery program, how to teach new archers, how to maintain program equipment, and learn common shooting errors and correction,
which may also help your own skills.
Includes a "skills" section, which aids
in training new archers.
NAA membership is NOT required.

Course Outline
1. Introduction
Introduction of Staff & Participants
Course Requirements/ world of archery

2.ACTIVITY;Orientation Class , safety

3. Archer Activity, pre-shooting Drills

4. Archery Safety
Review the Safety/Orientation Class
Safety Rules and Procedures
Outdoor Archery Range Setups

5. The Steps of Shooting
"Basic Steps "
ACTIVITY: Shooting Practice

6. Teaching a New Archer
Teaching the First Shots
POSITIVE approach
ACTIVITY: Coach & Pupil New Archer

7. Developing Archery Skills
Shooting Form Development
The Oreo® Technique
Coaching Positions
Form Development - Shooting Steps
ACTIVITY: Skills Development
Common shooting errors and correction

8. Equipment
Parts of the Bow and Arrow
Equipment Selection, types
Ordering Equipment
Repairing and Improving
Caring for and Storing Equipment

9. Archery Program Development
Class Instruction/Planning short & long term
Variety and Fun
Scoring Rounds
Achievement Programs
Drills for correction

10. ACTIVITY; set-up and conduct a class

Test and Course Evaluation
Closed Book Final Examination


Level 2, Intermediate Archery Instructor Certification
Certified Intermediate Archery Instructor

In the 2+-Day course, you'll learn how to teach the specific steps of shooting,
to identify and correct form errors, to conduct training exercises using
the official "Drills & Skills" student guidebook, and to teach a
Basic Instructor course for your staff .

"Intermediate Instructor"  is a joint certification of USA Archery and National Field Archery Association, and is geared towards leaders of camps, schools, recreation and youth agencies, and archery clubs.
4-year certification

Course Requirements:
-Participants must be 18 years or older
-Previous Basic Instructor training, or have at least 6-months experience in the sport of archery.
-Membership in either USA Archery or NFAA (may join as part of coursework)
-Successful national background check

An entrance exam must be passed with 70% or better to enter the class. The entrance exam covers the material in the Basic Instructor's Course.
The  final exam is a closed book, written exam. The written exam will be corrected after everyone has completed the exam. If you have learning disabilities or language differences and need to take a modified written exam, please discuss this with the Instructor before you register for the class.
There will also be a practical exam .

Course Content:

- Intermediate teaching techniques.
- Steps of Shooting
- Class schedules and exercises.
- How to teach a Basic Instructor Course.
- Sample lesson plans.
- How to teach more "Drills & Skills" to archers.
Biomechanic method training skills

For Program Directors
This course will enable your qualified staff participant to learn not only intermediate instructor skills, but also how to teach the Basic Certification to the rest of your staff.

Instructor information

Classes are taught by a certified  NAA archery instructor, and adhere to the safety guidelines of USA Archery Instructor Training, the official training courses of the National Archery Association (NAA).

Jefflyne Potter is a US  Archery Level 3 NTS Coach,  Beginning Archery Orientation program leader and Coach, Director of the Junior Olympic Archery Development program for Learn Archery, ongoing Girl Scout Archery Camp Instructor, develops and facilitates youth summer camp programs, provides Level 1 certification  for counselors of various camps in the GA area, former President and Director of the Junior Olympic Archery Development Program for  KAC, and 2009-10 Georgia Tech Archery club team coach. Coach Jefflyne has instructed hundreds of students, training adults and youth in group settings and in corporate, school, church, and private lessons, and coached JOAD, adult & Collegiate competitive students to state, regional, and national championship medal status.

Member: National Archery Association, Girl Scouts of America, Wildlife Action Inc., Georgia Archery Association.
GA Tech Archery Club: 2009/2010  Archery Coach for Georgia Tech "Yellow Jackets" Archery Team
  Coordinated the launch of their new archery club and Coached the team to regional and collegiate competitive  shooting, medal status, the new team taking Gold, Silver, Bronze in Regional Indoor competition 2010.
Girl Scout Archery Camp Instructor :2005,2006,2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 ,
Certification instructor for Girl Scout Counselors, ASAP (After School Archery Program) and
Certification instructor for school, summer camp & program counselors including :
Salvation Army Camp Grandview
URJ Camp Coleman
Girl Scouts of America Camp Pine Acres
Camp Isidore Alterman
Kennesaw Archery Club JOAD SOAD
YMCA Gainesville GA.
Clayton County Parks & Rec
Agnes Scott College

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