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Awesome Adventures group taking their first lessons in Canton range
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Canton Outdoor range
Group training for those inspired by "Hunger Games".The Hunger Games has created a new interest in Archery, and the form demonstrated by star Jennifer Lawrence comes from true Olympic style training. Khatuna Lorig (CA), a four-time Olympian and team bronze medalist, is a season archery competitor, and a 2012 hopeful shooting for her fifth Olympic Team berth Lorig is also a certified archery instructor, and her  recent coaching assignment was teaching "The Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence how to shoot. Lawrence, in turn, put those skills to good work in her role as Katniss Everdeen, the lead character in "The Hunger Games," based on the 2008 novel by Suzanne Collins.
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Scoring Sundays Indoors, short line
Line "A" Shooting
Archery is safe, fun, and easy to learn. It is a discipline suitable for all ages, sexes, and abilities.

Programs are structured to teach Olympic-target archery to students 10 years old and above. This is a lifetime sport, suitable for the entire family,and appropriate for those that have never held a bow, or those with previous experience.

All  necessary equipment is provided, or the student may bring their own, after the introductory session.

Classes are taught by certified USA  Archery instructors, and adhere to the safety guidelines of USA Archery Instructor Training.  USA Archery  is affiliated with the World Archery association(WA) which is the international governing body for Olympic style archery competitions. USA Archery  promotes Olympic style archery.

The various programs offered help students learn the skills needed for tournament competition, or, just shooting archery for the fun of it.

Benefits of Archery:
focus, concentration and goal setting skills
Students learn they must overcome distractions and obstacles, and have a plan of action. Archery provides a fundamental relaxation quality in that the  archer must be focused on the immediate moment. Archery is a self-challenging and rewarding activity, blending physical and mental resources. Basic math skills are reinforced during routine scoring in archery.

For those that have reached sufficient skill levels, opportunities are available for local, state, national & international competitions. Several  archery clubs in Georgia host tournaments during the year , additionally  USA Archery and NFAA  sponsor JOAD, and all ages tournaments nationwide throughout the year.

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