Club Rules, Range Rules, Range Etiquette

1.Know and obey all range signals.

2.Keep your arrows in your quiver until you are told to shoot.

3.Only use the arrows the instructor gave you.  We use nock colors to identify the length of the arrow. Remember what       they look like. Arrows that are too short are dangerous to try to shoot.

4.Always keep your arrows pointed down or towards the target.

5.If you drop an arrow while on the line, leave it on the ground unless you can reach it without moving your feet, or until you are told to get it.

6.Always walk at the archery range.

7.Always be absolutely sure that the path to the target and beyond is clear.

8.Only release the bow string at full draw when there is an arrow on the string.  “Dry firing” is when you release the    string without an arrow.  This may cause damage to the bow and can cause personal injury.

9.Secure all loose clothing, remove bracelets, necklaces etc.  Tie your hair back. Closed toe shoes must be worn.

10.Always treat your archery equipment with respect.

11.Always treat your fellow archers with respect.

12.Keep talking and distractions to a minimum while archers are on line. Do not call out to archers on the line. Do not     offer instruction to students on line unless you are a Learn Archery Coach.

13.Be aware of your surroundings when you pull arrows. There may be other archers behind you!

14.Be careful of others' equipment, watch where you walk, be careful when removing your bow from the
     bow- rack, and never touch another archers' equipment without permission.

15.All minors who did not drive themselves to the range MUST be accompanied by a legal guardian at all times.

16.Parents and guests must stay in the seated area and behind the waiting line at all times.

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