See LOCATIONS for registrations. Marietta Range closed.

(all equipment supplied)

After Orientation:Join Ongoing Archery Training Sessions: $15
JOAD and SOAD sessions
             Training Sessions,  mixed, adult and youth ages 10 and up

All recurve bows, arrows & safety equipment provided.
Membership Requirements:
After Orientation: To participate in ongoing classes, you must minimally hold a "USA Archery Recreational Archer" membership status ($15 annual fee),which can be upgraded to full adult or youth membership at anytime during the year by paying the difference in membership fee at the USA Archery website, if desired.

Learn Archery Club Membership* is available for students wishing to earn achievement rank and pins in the USA Archery JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) program, or the adult achievement program(AAP). Learn Archery Annual Membership cost is $15 per student and is paid to Learn Archery; runs June 1 through May 31 of each year.
*You must hold a full (not "recreational" status ) youth, or adult (or family) membership in USA Archery to participate in the JOAD/SOAD program. (The full USA Archery membership also allows participation in state, National, and regional tournaments, and interchanges with the NFAA memberships for tournaments)

Join online for either membership level at  

New Scheduled started : No NEW orientations at Marietta Range

Archery Training,Classes, Events,Support for:

First Montessori School of Atlanta
GA Tech Archery, Yellow Jacket Archery team  training
Events & Adventures
Chateau Elan, Corporate Training at the Equestrian Center
Women's Outdoor Network
Compass Prep school
Agnes Scott College, 2015, 2016
Alpha Expo Sportsman's Event, Alpharetta GA
City of East Point Parks & Rec
Home Depot Team Building
Level 1 Basic Archery Instructor Certification ,Acworth
Level 1 Basic Instructor Certification, Austell
Level 1 Basic Instructor Certification. GA Mountains YMCA,   Gainesville GA 
Level 1 Basic Instructor Certification Camp Grandview, Salvation Army
Level 1 Basic Instructor Certification Clayton County Parks & Rec ,Canton 
Level 1 Basic Instructor Certification Girl Scout Counselors, Canton
Level 1 Basic Instructor Certification URJ Camp Coleman
Level 1 Basic Instructor Certification Girl Scouts of America Camp Pine Acres
Level 1 Basic Instructor Certification Camp Isidore Alterman
Level 1 Basic instructor Certification Bransby YMCA, Rock Chapel GA
Level 1  Instructor Certification Atlanta Archery, Marietta GA
Level 2 Instructor Certification, Atlanta Archery: Marietta GA                              
Girl Scout Camp: Camellia Rose Day Camp,Wildlife Action, Acworth
Boy Scout Training River Bend Gun Club
June 2010 Archery Basics Youth Camp.  rising 5th graders Acworth
June 2011 Archery Basics Youth Camp.  rising 5th graders Acworth , Canton
June 2012 Archery Basics Youth Camp.  rising 5th graders Acworth , Canton
June 2013 Archery Basics Youth Camp.  rising 5th graders Acworth , Canton
June 2014 Archery Youth Camp, Rising 5th graders and up, Acworth
June 2015 Archery Youth Summer Camp, Rising 5th graders and up, Acworth
June 2016 Archery Youth Summer Camp. Rising 5th graders and up, Acworth GA & Marietta GA

Private Archery Lessons, group or individual


Orientation General Information

Want to give archery a try?
This is your opportunity!

Basic Orientation sessions

Online roster sign up posted 7-10 days before event.
A confirmation and  further details on dress, directions etc,will be sent if you are among the first 12 registrants. Classes fill fast!

Lessons are for Olympic style recurve bow, focusing on form and safety , giving students basics that  get them safely shooting, and offer a general feel for archery. We'll go over range rules, safety gear (finger tabs, arm guards, sling, etc),  and size the bow and arrow to the archer. Class is approriate for those with no experience, or those seeking a refresher, or introduction to basics of NTS
All equipment is supplied.

The National Training System, is the training used, which has been established as the method of training by US Olympic head Coach Kisik Lee. Students may also join and train in the JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) or adult programs.

We work on getting the best use of  muscles and balance, combined with clear mental preparation, teaching a series of components/steps which build on one another. .

Adult small groups or private lessons also available.

Coach supervised training. includes recurve  and all safety equipment. Continuing, ongoing instruction , accommodating various skill levels .
Covering: refining form, understanding equipment needs, equipment purchasing options, tournament rules, timing, how to string a bow, string alignment, concentration, back tension.
Must have completed training Camp, Orientation, or have permission from Coach.
Arrive a few minutes early to gear up. Allow a few minutes at end to put away gear.

All equipment is supplied.

Cash/ check at check-in

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Archery Training Programs

Archery lessons for children
JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development Program) NAA
Archery lessons for Adults
Adult Training Program ; NAA, S.O.A.D.
Adult 18 and over:
Beginner/ refesher archery classes; Ongoing practice sessions
Promotion and Education of Target Archery
Archery School and indoor practice range for Olympic style and Barebow students
Summer Camp, KAC Acworth
Classes start on time-please arrive a few minutes early!!
First class : Allow a few minutes to sign in & gear up!
Basic steps of Archery

Basic equipment used in archery-diagrams

Archery Equipment & costs

What size Bow? Weight?Arrows?

Warm up exercises

Appropriate Clothing

Inclement Weather

NAA membership


JOAD Handbook

Scores required for JOAD awards

Tournament prep, rules

Archery Equipment for Institutions


Range Rules

College Archery

Learn Archery Membership pack

Orientation Waiver & Releases

Campus Prep class at Canton Range
USA Archery SE National Tournament, Conyers, Friday, Saturday, SundayGreat results! GA Tech Yellow JacketArchery Team takes Gold, Silver Bronze in 2010 SE Nationals
Summer Camp
GA Tech Yellow Jacket Archery Team takes Gold, Silver Bronze
First Montessori classes
YMCA Certification
Camp Camellia Rose
Tech end of semester Final Class
First Montessori
Ga Tech outdoor practice
Recurve eqpt at Canton range
GA Tech Training indoorsGA Tech Indoor trainingPrivate Group training Events and Adventures"Awesome Adventures" TV series  trainingGirl Scout Archery TrainingCanton Outdoor Archery Sunday  Training sessionSummer Camp KAC advanced group, AcworthArchery Summer Camp KAC Acworth Field Archery,State Champ Bill Millican explains Indoor Class Canton rangeWomen's Outdoor NetworkSummer CampOrientation Canton IndoorsChateau Elan Corporate group prepares to shootChateau Elan Corporate Training, Group gathers for basicsFeb 14th "Cupids Arrow" fun with training.2015 "Cupids Arrow": Great form takes the tiny heart. MariettaTournament prep drills for Nationals, draw arm rotation clearance , Marietta range.
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Agnes Scott Training 2016
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Agnes Scott College
training, 2016.
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