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To start, you must to take an orientation session, or a private lesson to participate in ongoing open group sessions. 

Orientation General Information 

Want to give archery a try? 
This is your opportunity! 

Basic Orientation sessions 

Classes fill fast!

Lessons are for Olympic style recurve bow, focusing on form and safety , giving students basics that  get them safely shooting, and offer a general feel for archery. Instructors go over range rules, safety gear (finger tabs, arm guards, sling, etc),  and size the bow and arrow to the archer. The session is suitable for those that have no experience, or those that may have shot before and need a refresher, or introduction to basics of NTS.

Programs teach the National Training System, which has been established as the method of training by US Olympic head Coach Kisik Lee. Students may also join and train in the JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) or adult programs.

Focus is on getting the best use of  muscles and balance, combined with clear mental preparation, teaching a series of components/steps which build on one another. .

Adult small groups or private lessons also available.

After Orientation:

Ongoing Training Sessions;  Practice
Unless noted, all sessions are  mixed youth & adults or family

One hour class allowing students to gear up, continue with training basics in safety and form . For those that have completed  orientation,
Coach supervised training includes recurve bow and all safety  equipment..Continuing,  ongoing instruction , accommodating various skill levels. Covering: refining form, understanding  equipment needs,equipment purchasing options, tournament rules , timing, string alignment, concentration, back tension. 

Registration for ongoing training sessions:
  All recurve equipment supplied for a short period of time until your form and draw length settle in.

Classes open to all ages ( See each facility at LOCATIONS for requirements); families may shoot together.

Class will begin on time, unless otherwise notified by the instructor. 

Regular training class lasts 1 hour , please arrive early to check in, gear up, and set up.
Allow enough time for students to help at the end of class with equipment clean up.

Parents or guardians may remain at the location with children under sixteen years of age until the lesson ends. If the parent or guardian leaves the premises, then the child must leave also, unless arranged with instructor. See range rules 
Students help at the end of class with equipment clean up.

Camps:  Although we often shoot in the rain, (tournaments are held rain or shine, so we learn how to compensate for the elements) we do not shoot if lightning occurs. Please check the website for announcements concerning inclement weather.

Safety rules /clothing : 
Before class
-Each student is expected to participate each class period dressed in appropriate Archery attire with flat closed toe shoes. (no heels) Shoes can also get muddy from the often wet turf. Hats, sunglasses & sunscreen are recommended. 
-Open-toe sandals, thongs or bare feet are not allowed, because arrows that may be lodged in the grass, can injure  toes or feet if walked into.
-Clothing should be snug around the chest and arms so as not to get caught in the bowstring. 
-Please remove jewelry such as long ear-rings, necklaces and arm bangles . 
-Long hair may need to be tied back.

Basic steps of Archery

Basic equipment used in archery-diagrams

Archery Equipment & costs

What size Bow? Weight?Arrows?

Warm up exercises

Appropriate Clothing

Inclement Weather

NAA membership


JOAD Handbook

Scores required for JOAD awards

Tournament prep, rules 



Archery lessons for children ages 10-20 (JOAD)
Archery lessons for Adults 18 and over, 
Adult Training Program ; NAA, SOAD
Beginner archery classes held in the Atlanta Georgia area;
Ongoing practice sessions
Orientation Sessions
Beginner Archery Classes
 Coaching & Teaching
Private Archery Lessons
Orientation Archery sessions
Open Practice Sessions
Archery Programs for schools and colleges.