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Archery lessons for children
JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development Program) NAA
Archery lessons for Adults
Adult Training Program (18+); NAA
Beginner/ refesher archery classes; Ongoing practice sessions
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Archery Programs for schools and colleges.

Intermediate classes are available for students reaching a higher skill level. The focus is on helping them to become more consistant, and to become more familiar with tournament procedures.Students are encouraged to participate in local, state and national competitions, and to become involved in USA Archery's JOAD ranking program.
The National Training System is the basis of instruction.

The Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Program is the National Archery Association's training program for youth 9-20 and offers opportunity for young archers to earn incentives as they develop and improve their scores up the ranks and gain pins  through to the  Olympian, Silver Olympian and Gold Olympian.
Both a USA Archery youth membership and a JOAD Club (Atlanta Archery/Learn Archery) membership is  mandatory for participation in the JOAD awards programs and for competing in state, regional and national championships.(choose learn archery as your club affiliation, to be awarded rank from our club)

Senior Training Programs (18 +)
This USA Archery program is designed for students 18 and up. The program offers training, and  an achievement award program and training much like that of the JOAD program.  USA Archery Adult membership is mandatory to participate in the awards program as well as for competing in state, regional and national championships.(choose Learn Archery as your club affiliation to be awarded rank from our club)

Link: How to make an Olympic Archery Team

Next session:TBA,
minimum enrollment

6 classes once a week.
Class lasts 1 hour, please arrive 15 minutes early to gear up, and set up.
Allow enough time for students to help at the end of class with equipment clean up.
Parents or guardians are to remain on site (if under sixteen years of age) until the lesson ends. If the parent or guardian leaves, then the child must leave also.

Students at Intermediate/advanced level must have all their own equipment.

Individual sessions are available for tournament prep training-inquire for rates.

See calendar for open class dates, or e-mail for more information.

Safety rules /clothing :
Before class
-Each student is expected to participate each class period dressed in appropriate Archery attire with flat shoes.  Shoes can also get muddy from the often wet turf. Sunscreen is recommended.
-Open-toe sandals, thongs or bare feet are not allowed, because arrows that may be lodged in the grass, can injure  toes or feet if walked into.
-Clothing should be snug around the chest and arms so as not to get caught in the bowstring.
-Please remove jewelry such as long ear-rings, necklaces and arm bangles .
-Long hair may need to be tied back.

If you have more questions, please contact Coach Jefflyne Potter at or

Basic equipment used in archery-diagrams

Equipment & costs

Basic steps in archery-essentials covered at first lesson

Warm up exercises

JOAD scores required for awards

Appropriate Clothing

Inclement Weather

USA Archery membership

Learn Archery/Atlanta Archery membership