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Archery lessons for children
JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development Program) NAA
Archery lessons for Adults
Adult Training Program (18+); NAA
Beginner/ refesher archery classes; Ongoing practice sessions
Promotion and Education of Target Archery
Group Archery Classes
Beginner Archery Classes
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Group Archery Classes
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Archery Programs for schools

Want to start your own archery program at your facility?
We can help you determine what equipment you need to purchase and advise on how to get your progam up and going. Your first step may be to purchase targets, and safety netting and have an instructor bring all other equipment for a session, later add more equipment, or certify your own instructor.

Group Archery Classes at the range
A great field trip!
These class sessions, are available for school groups, clubs, or for events(corporate & private, birthday parties, etc.)
(for archery at your location, see portable archery classes)

Public/Private Schools/ summer camp leaders:
By reservation only.
Contact us to  reserve a one hour or two hour session session for your group summer programs. 

Classes open to ages 10 and above
Classes taught using Olympic style recurve equipment.All equipment supplied.

Your group leaders will assist in overseeing students, and control of  students.

Essentials will be covered prior to shooting, including correctly sizing equipment to the archer (bow, arrows, safety gear etc.) , determining eye dominance (eye dominance  controls aiming and determines type of bow used),  range rules, safety rules and fundamentals of archery.

This session is appropriate for those who have never shot a bow, or those with some previous experience that are seeking a refresher session. The student may then choose to register for beginner classes or open practice sessions (space permitting) and further training programs.

Safety rules /clothing :
Before class
-Each student is expected to participate each class  dressed in appropriate Archery attire with flat shoes. (no heels) Shoes can also get muddy from the often wet turf. Sunglasses & sunscreen are recommended.
-Open-toe sandals, thongs or bare feet are not allowed, because arrows that may be lodged in the grass, can injure  toes or feet if walked into.
-Clothing should be snug around the chest and arms so as not to get caught in the bowstring.
-Please remove jewelry such as long ear-rings, necklaces and arm bangles .
-Long hair may need to be tied back.

To schedule a private group session (scouts included), please email us , or call Coach Jefflyne Potter @ 404-457-6766

Instructor information

Classes are taught by certified  NAA archery instructors, and adhere to the safety guidelines of USA Archery Instructor Training, the official training courses of the National Archery Association (NAA). The NAA is affiliated with the Federation of International Target Archery (FITA) which is the international governing body for Olympic style archery competitions. The NAA promotes Olympic style archery. 

Instructor Membership Affiliations:
National Archery Association(NAA); National Alliance for the Development of Archery (NADA),Georgia Archery Association, Kennesaw Archery, Wildlife Action Inc., Girl Scouts of America.

If you have more questions, please contact

Sessions are rated per hour. Please contact instructor to schedule . A minimum charge  will be incurred. All equipment -bows, arrows, armguards, quivers, finger tabs included.

Basic equipment used in archery-diagrams

Equipment & costs

"Basic steps to the 10 ring"-essentials covered at first lesson

Warm up exercises

JOAD scores required for awards

Appropriate Clothing

Inclement Weather

NAA membership